Stick Shifts and Joy Rides


This week I was left alone to fend for myself as Carly flew home to California for the week to meet our new niece, Ellery Grey Thissen. While Ellery is the first baby born out of Carly’s siblings, she is our third niece. My oldest brother has a boy, Sawyer that was born in December, and a girl, Kalli, who is 4 years old. My other brother also has a baby girl, Avery, who was born in August. While Carly was in California, I ¬†survived off of popcorn, cup of noodles, redbox, and netflix.

New Car

This week, my buddy Philip and I bought a 2008 Chevy Aveo. We wanted a car that he would want and we could share until I moved off the island and he would buy out the portion that I paid for. The interesting fact about this car was that it was a stick shift, which neither one of us knew how to drive. After a quick lesson from Kale, I was able to get a hang of it. The video shows my test run driving with Arlo around Oahu. When we got to Sunset Hills, we got out of the car and took some photos of the view, the car, and the real estate. I shot the car video using the GoPro Hero4 with our new Suction Cup mount. Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful week with lots of rain and one way conversations with Arlo.

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