Beach Days & Sunburns



Although we don’t have any kids, we have had our fair share of challenges as parents to our dog Arlo. The past couple weeks Arlo has had multiple allergic reactions. The first reaction happened right after we switched his food from Salmon to Bison. He immediately broke out in hives and his eye swelled shut. We had to borrow a car to get to the vet so that he could be treated. The next 14 days we cooked his meals, gradually put him back on the salmon, and monitored his skin and behavior. The day that we ran out of medicine, he reacted again. The reaction started at midnight and I had to stay awake until 6:30 in the morning to make sure that he didn’t stop breathing. When morning came, I was able to find a car (again) and grab more medicine. We still aren’t 100% sure, we believe that the Bison caused the initial reaction, and the long grass in our apartment building may have caused the subsequent reaction. After being put back on the medicine and keeping him away from the long grass, the reactions thankfully have stopped.

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Snorkel, SUP, & Sunburns

First and foremost, life is much more convenient when you have a car. We love our new Paddle Board, but it is exhausting to carry all the way to the beach. We met up with our friends, Kale & Katie (who I will more than likely mention on a regular basis) at Hukilau Beach in Laie and escaped the stress of finals, work, and adulting. While snorkeling, Carly found more shells to add to her collection, and you can expect a post in the future featuring her shells collected from Oahu all the way to Saipan. We all enjoyed the paddle board and had our fair share of spills. By the end of the day, we all felt pretty comfortable on the board and hopefully we’ll take Arlo out with us soon. You can always tell it was a good beach day when you get home covered in burns, and I can’t wait to get out and go get more! I hope you guys will enjoy the video below, I’m very very very new to video editing and promise that it will get better in the future! Watch for the surprise ending to our day!

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